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Come and explore the new Biodôme!

In this reconfigured space with its magnificent architecture, discover the beauty of the five ecosystems of the Americas, all under one roof:

Biodôme · Grand reopening

The lush Tropical Rainforest that stays hot and humid even in the depths of a Montréal winter

Biodôme · Grand reopening

The Laurentian Maple Forest that changes with the seasons, just as it does in nature

Biodôme · Grand reopening

The Gulf of St. Lawrence—a deep dive into the marine environment

Biodôme · Grand reopening

The Labrador Coast and the Sub-Antarctic Islands—goosebumps guaranteed!

Here’s what’s new!

  • A rejuvenated visitor experience that awakens all your senses in an amazing blend of science, art and emotion
  • New exhibitions to satisfy your curiosity: the Bio-machine and the Discovery Wall take you behind the scenes for a look at the technical ingenuity that goes into keeping the Biodôme running; It’s Time to Act showcases inspiring initiatives focused on improving the state of the planet
  • A light-filled atrium leading to each of the ecosystems, so you can tour them in whatever order you want, at your own pace
  • A new mezzanine that offers novel vantage points and a whole new perspective on the Tropical Rainforest, the Laurentian Maple Forest and the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • A new tunnel and wall of ice that take you to see those Biodôme favourites—the penguins!
  • A mobile app with tons of information about the plant and animals species in the Biodôme’s ecosystems. It replaces the conventional information panels and helps you get closer to nature. Download it before your visit!
  • Using the mobile app, you can observe animals in augmented reality—an original way to learn about certain animals typical of the ecosystems of the Americas that you can’t see at the Biodôme
  • And lots more! Whether it’s the sloth looking perky, the Laurentian Maple Forest changing colours in the fall or the penguins starting to moult, no visit to the Biodôme is exactly the same!

Just like the other Montréal Space for Life institutions, the Biodôme seeks to raise individual and collective awareness about the need to get involved in protecting natural ecosystems. We ourselves are part of nature and can help preserve it. Isn’t it true that we protect what we love?

Buy your tickets online

To explore the new Biodôme at your own pace, you have to select a specific time for your visit. Book early and you’ll have a better chance of getting the time you want. Note that the number of visitors allowed has been reduced because of COVID-19.

Easy access

We’re only 15 minutes from downtown, at the Viau metro station.

Only 15 minutes from downtown

4777, avenue Pierre-de Coubertin
Montréal, (QC) H1V 1B3

Closed for works

Botanical Garden
4101, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, (QC) H1X 2B2

Rio Tinto Alcan

4801, avenue Pierre-de Coubertin
Montréal, (QC) H1V 3V4